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Tips To Exercise Your Dog Safely

Do not let guilt or feelings of shame prevent you from Do not be offended should other people make comments. Simply say that your dog has started a weight loss management program and that you are starting it off by taking your dog for regular exercise. You could well be surprised as some people who may come across as very disapproving of your dog being overweight, could turn out to be some of your biggest supporters and allies in the long run.

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Horse Care 101

Grooming is another essential activity when caring for horses. It will keep your horse healthy and far from looking like a wild equine.

Their hooves need to be trimmed once every 6 to 8 weeks or else theyll grow too long. This will also prevent your horse from being uncomfortable.

Also, keep a grooming box with you that include these basic tools:

* Grooming mitt or curry comb

* Body brush

* Tail and mane comb

* Finishing brush

* Hoof pick

* Soft cloth or sponge

There are still a lot of things to consider when keeping a horse.

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