Living Your Holiday Dreams In Zanzibar

They say that you only get to live once so youd better make the most out of it. And if you were given the chance to live your dreams, cast away all your worries, and allow yourself to bask in the warm glow of the sun with the pristine turquoise waters of the Indian Ocean lapping at your feet, then wed say take it. Just make sure to do it at the Manta Resort on Pemba Island in the archipelago of Zanzibar.

Manta Resort is not really about world-class, five-star luxury holiday accommodation. If youre thinking of large walls, well-appointed rooms, and a complete line of the finest and most luxurious pieces of modern-day accommodation ornaments and fixtures, then youd be surprised at how amazingly simple this resort hotel is.

What you do get is serenity, that feeling of peace and calmness that you wont see anywhere else; not in the jungles of the city and certainly not in the workplace. At Manta, your connection to the electronic world will be severed, albeit temporarily. And believe us, youll be relishing every moment of it that you are detached from the harsh realities of ultra-modern living.

Manta Resort doesnt treat you as a tourist. They will treat you as a guest who has very simple needs. You dont need the glitz and glam of a casino roulette table; what youll need is plenty of sunshine and fresh air that will reinvigorate your starving cells. There are no Michelin starred restaurants in the island, yet youll be treated to a smorgasbord of delicacies using ingredients that are caught just a few meters from your hotel room.

There are no city lights and honking traffic to disturb your sleep. Instead, youd wake up to the sight of tropical fishes swimming just outside your window. Oh, did we mention that Manta Resorts most sought-after accommodations are there Underwater Rooms? Youd feel like the fish inside an aquarium with the tropical fishes of the Indian Ocean becoming the spectators to your every movement.

The islands of Zanzibar are neoned for their beauty and sea views to make you gasp with delight. There are loads of spectacular sea view holiday destinations around the world, but not many of them come close to the picturesque beauty framed by this incredible Indian Ocean holiday resort.

Of course, watching yourself being watched by these aquatic wonders will only fuel your desire to swim with them. You can dive around Pemba Island and explore some of the most amazing coral reefs youll ever see. Many of these have never been touched by the greedy hands of man so make sure to feast your eyes on them and take only memories with you.

The nights can be boring, being away from civilization and all. But you can always switch on the spotlights on your window to attract octopuses and fish. Perhaps youd even discover a species that youve never seen before. Head to the rooftop patio and be bathed by the faint yet warm glow of the nighttime stars.

Manta Resort may not have the amenities of a world-class hotel, but it sure has a certain magic that only it knows how to provide. Its the perfect destination for lovers, honeymooners, and even entire families who simply want to switch off from the modern world and live in a dream-like environment, even for a brief moment.

Visiting The Hong Kong Space Museum On Holiday

Are you looking for a different experience when travelling to Hong Kong this year? If youre tired of going to beaches, restaurants and the common theme parks, the Hong Kong Space Museum is completely out of this world. Its different from most museums because it features special space exhibits that are going to amaze you while on vacation in this great city.

The Hong Kong Space Museum is located in 10 Salisbury Road, Tsim Sha Tsui, Kowloon. Its close to the waterfront and is the first local planetarium in the city. The museum is one of the most famous landmarks in Hong Kong because of its unique architectural design. It’s also one of the top educational tourist attractions in this exciting city packed with tourism gems for travellers.

The egg-shaped dome houses the Stanley Ho Space Theatre that has the first OMNIMAX film projector known in the eastern hemisphere. The Stanley Ho Space Theatre has also happens to be the first in the world that is equipped with a fully automatic control system. The hemispherical projector dome has a diameter of 23 meters that gives visitors a larger-than-life view of the stars.

The digital planetarium projector shows will not only blow your mind, but will also have you wanting to visit again and again. You can lie down on the floor and stargaze and find constellations through fun astronomy film shows. The projector not only contributes to the fantastic space experience but is responsible for producing amazing Sky Shows and 3D Dome shows.

A visit to the Hong Kong Space Museum will greatly inspire any young child to become an astronomer. The planetariums Hall of Space Science and Hall of Astronomy exhibitions are interactive, which allows visitors to learn through the entire experience through their special thematic exhibitions. They have a space shuttle model of the cockpit that has seats installed with interactive systems which are available in multiple languages. They also host lectures and fun science lab activities.

There are loads of great places to stay in Hong Kong, near the museum, including first class hotels, home stays and self catering apartments. These will make great bases from which to visit the museum. Ask your travel agent for recommended accommodation in Hong Kong. Click here for an interesting article on holiday accommodation types.

Currently, the permanent exhibition halls are closed and are undergoing a makeover and renovation. However, the Stanley Ho Space Theatre still remains open to the public. Schools will be the first to visit the exhibits for a trial run and evaluation by the end of 2017. The exhibition halls are expected to re-open by March 2018 to the public.

To know more about exhibits and show schedules, you can visit their website If you plan to visit next year but cant wait to know more about the stars and constellations, the Hong Kong Space Museum has developed an app called Star Hoppers. It is now available for download in both Google Play and iTunes stores.

The Star Hoppers mobile app is complete with information of all stars and constellations from both Chinese and Western star charts. It features audio recordings that can tell you more about the constellations and the stories behind them. It keeps you posted with the latest astronomical events and activities.

The mobile app offers you an introduction of the Hong Kong Space Museum experience through its Virtual Reality mode. But its still best to personally experience it yourself. Make sure you visit this attraction next time you’re in Hong Kong.

What Is A Tribute Act?

Have you ever heard of tribute acts or tribute bands and are wondering what these bands do? Tribute acts are slightly different from regular musical acts. While most bands will play songs that were originally recorded by different artists, a tribute act will exclusively play music that a single artist or band is known for.

What Is A Tribute Act?

The purpose of a tribute act is to put on a show that closely resembles what people would see at a concert of the artist or band that the tribute act is emulating. Some tribute acts really make the music their own and will present the original music of the band or artist but with a twist. You can for instance find tribute acts that play with different types of instruments or come across some all-female tribute acts that play the music of a band that included male musicians.

Why Do People Love Tribute Acts?

Everyone has a favorite band or singer. However, not everyone gets to see their favorite artist live. Tribute acts are popular because they are a good alternative to seeing one’s favorite band. These musicians are usually passionate about what they do and work hard to put on a great show. Tickets are a lot more affordable than what well-known bands can charge for their concerts and people get to hear all their favorite songs in a fun setting.

Are There Copyright Issues With Tribute Acts?

You might be wondering if tribute acts are not respecting copyright laws since some of these bands work hard to look and sound exactly like the artists they are emulating. Being in a tribute acts is considered as a fair use exception. Tribute bands can use the name of the bands and artists they are emulating to identify what they do but cannot do anything that suggests they are affiliated with the band they are emulating. A lot of tribute acts will choose a name that is a play on the name of the band or artist they are paying tribute to or will use a name that is a reference to one of the songs this artist is known for.

How Can You Find Good Tribute Acts?

So how do you go about looking for soundalike performers to hire? The more successful tribute acts are the bands that can put on a show that is similar to the experience fans would have during a real concert of the band they are emulating and the tribute acts that manage to really make the music their own and find a way to stand out. The best tribute acts go on national tours and have large followings. You can find good tribute acts by checking concert videos and by keeping up with local events in your area.

Tribute acts are fun to see and are also a fun experience if you are a musician. The purpose of these bands is to play music from a specific band or artist to provide fans with the opportunity to hear their favorite songs played in a live setting.

Importance of Religion in Family Life

Religion is a basic aspect in any family’s success, providing spiritual support, bonding and even moral guidance to the family members. Children are well brought up if they are under care of a religiously firm family. This foundation does not only help the kids at young age, but also imparts life skills and impressive behavior which manifests in them even when they grow up.

Children in families that participate in religious activities together are more likely to report seeing expressions of love and affection between their parents. Two dimensions of family religious involvement–family participation in religious activities at least once per week and parental prayer more than once per day—were associated with greater expression of love or affection between the parents, as reported by their children.

Parents of families in which both the parents and children attend religious services are more likely to know their children’s social networks.  They are more likely to know their children’s friends, those friends’ parents, and their children’s teachers, than parents of families in which only the parents or only the children, or neither, participated in religious activities.

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As much as religion is important for the spiritual, social and moral development of children, any differences arising between the parents is detrimental to the kids’ upbringing. Parents are the socializing agents and first-hand tutors to the children. Any fault between them is a potential danger to the mentoring of the children and the wellbeing of the family at large, especially if it has anything to do with religion.

Confusion happens when parents are in competition over their religious beliefs.

Parents are socializing agents. They teach their kids, mainly through modeling, how this world works and how to successfully navigate it. Beliefs, including religious beliefs, are a set of values and rules that give kids a sense of certainty and peace. If done well, parents can integrate their religious beliefs into the values they instill in their children. Kids become confused when one parent is dogmatic about their own values.

If both parents are dogmatic in their attitudes and have different, or worse, conflicting beliefs, this can be super confusing for kids. Conflict over religious beliefs, or any other values for that matter, will prevent kids from developing the confidence they need to navigate the world and confusion will take over certainty and peace.

There was obviously no conflict between the two religions when the parents fell in love with each other, so theoretically, there shouldn’t be any conflict once kids are in the picture. From my work with many couples, I can tell you that it is usually conflict that happens first and religion is just an excuse.

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Religion is central to a family’s relations, from the couples, to the children and to the society as well. Couples who uphold religious righteousness stand a better chance of coexisting more peacefully, with quality marriage life, and are less likely to experience such marital downsides as domestic violence and divorce.

Couples with higher levels of religiosity tend to invest more in their marriages, have a higher quality of marital life, a lower likelihood of divorce, and are less likely to be involved in incidents of domestic violence. More religious adolescents tend to have a higher expectation that they will be married and are more likely to disapprove of cohabitation and premarital sex.

Fathers who attend religious services frequently are more likely to be engaged with their infant children. Among fathers living in urban areas, those who more frequently attended religious services were more likely to be engaged in activities with their one-year-olds than peers who attended less frequently. Fathers who reduced the frequency of their religious attendance during the first year of their children’s lives became, on average, less engaged with their one-year-olds compared to peers who maintained their level of religious attendance.

Frequent church attendance is related to fidelity in marriage. Married individuals who attended religious services often were less likely to be unfaithful to their spouses than peers who attended less frequently.

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