Preparing effectively for a Peaceful Holiday and Travel

When hit by the last minute rush in preparation for a holiday travel, you will probably forget something you dearly need out there. Be they some ear plugs, a cream, medicines, deodorant, you may just forget that one thing which is so important to you throughout the journey. The best way to avoid this is ensuring you get your things packed early enough.

Ear plugs, tooth kit, eye mask: Yes, some airlines offer them, but surprisingly some don’t and it’s a bleeding nightmare if you’re stuck next to a screaming baby or someone who insists on keeping their reading light on if you want a kip. Better to be safe than sorry.

Nasal spray, painkillers: The single best travelling trick I know is to use a chemist-bought nasal spray such as Vicks First Defense (£6) when flying. Using it when you first get on the plane will significantly reduce the threat of developing bugs from inhaling the air conditioning. If, though, you tend to get a headache from the aircon, bring painkillers. It’s a killer not to have them.

Face wash and deodorant: When you get the “breakfast wake-up” having been hunched in the same position for seven hours, there really is no better word than “rough” for how you’re probably feeling. The best quick-fix is a good face wash, a slick of deodorant and a scrub of the old nashers.

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Making mistakes when out on a travel or holiday is sometimes a normal occurrence that many people have to sort out time after time. Misplacing your valuables while away from home, or having a new outfit or jewelry that does not measure to your expectation or even taking on board too many toiletries that only add to the luggage is a disgusting mess that usually fail people on travels.

Clothes (you bought at the last minute)

Well of course you need to take at least some clothes, even if you’re off to Cap d’Agde, but be ruthless. Be sure to try on everything you are taking before you leave to make sure it still fits and makes you happy. There is always the possibility that you lost your mind on that mad rush around town purchasing your holiday wardrobe and that on-trend piece of statement jewelry will be an utter waste of space if you realize it doesn’t go with any of your outfits.


Even if your hotel room has a safe and 24hr security, there is still plenty of opportunity for the loss of your most treasured possessions. Just because you’re vigilant in shady side streets in downtown Montevideo doesn’t mean you won’t risk misplacing your iPad. Leave objects of economic or sentimental importance in the jewelry drawer at home, or in the company of your other teddy bears.


Take two bottles into the shower? Not us. Travel with only the holiday essentials from the bathroom, with all your shampoo, conditioner, face wash, after sun and the rest decanted into 100ml plastic containers. If you’re flying, leave the big bottles and that pointless extra weight behind and you can even get past the liquids restrictions at security and take just a good size cabin bag on board.

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A missed flight, a messy sun burn, lost money and/or passport, bulky and sometimes lost luggage is a normal issues that haunt travelers and those on holiday more than once. This is why it is important to make sure that you are smart in preparation and the whole time you will be on your journey to avoid such inconveniences.

Always ask reception for a wakeup call and have a backup alarm if you’ve got an early flight time. Don’t leave right at the last minute – you never know what hold ups (weather or traffic delays) there will be on the way.

Avoid the sun between 11am and 3pm, wear a hat, use a high factor sun protection lotion, cover up your moles and regularly reapply sun cream, especially after swimming.

Always have a copy of your passport in your suitcase and on email. It also saves time to have a couple of extra passport photos with you.

Travelling light means a stress-free flight! If you really must pack a lot – take some portable luggage scales with you so the weight of your bag is never a shock.

Keep all valuables (as well as medication and glasses/contact lenses) in your hand luggage bag and pack a change of clothes in your carry-on bag too. Be sure that the person checking in your baggage attaches the correct destination tag to your luggage.

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